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I’m sure you’ve all been wondering- ‘where’s she gone? why has she left us?’ – and the answer is….

I have a website. It’s basically the same as this blog, but it’s a website, and I love it. I had a spot of trouble getting everything up and running on the site, and with that on top or my hideous school life, I hardly had time to draw, much less post for you beauties.

So, go ahead and traipse on over to and check out my new digs. I won’t be posting over here much; everything will be on the site.


It’s Disgusting.

Mostly just sketches this time. I really have nothing interesting to say except that I threw up on a very nice lawn on Thursday. And in a very nice Indian restaurant yesterday. Needless to say, I’m not feeling so great. I do, in fact, feel like shit. But here I am, at work.

Also, thanks to Kelly for the title. That song has been in my head thanks to you and your DeviantArt post. The Saturday patrons probably think I’ve got epilepsy, since that song makes me want to dance … which transfers into a kind of wiggle-twitch in my chair. Annnyyyway, no one is here to read about my vomit and music interests.

Worry About You

Happy lateness, dear blog; are you glad to see me?

I have to say, being without a computer for a whole week is kind of shit. I’m proud to say there were no real withdraw symptoms, but I really was saddened by the lack of art I could create while on the road and away from computer editing.

And of course, when I get home I have all my classes to make up for – not fun, I have to say, since one of those classes is Modeling Three, i.e. the class in which I have to model a person. For the last time, I’m a 2D artist, and 3D doesn’t make any sense to me. Anyone who played either of my games from production two knows that. However, I really like the character I’m modeling for class. Once I get my turn around done and post my update blog, you can follow this link: to This Is (not) My Forte, my modeling blog.

So, anyway, on to the art.

Sweet the Sting

Oops, has it been two weeks already? And I haven’t posted at all? Well, I have excuses. Real ones, actually. And I was drawing the entire time! I swear. Lots of drawing. Just… you know, not where you all can see it. I was doodling with pencil and paper, because I wasn’t at school and I don’t currently own a computer that can handle Photoshop at home. Or a scanner of any decent quality.

The only reason I actually got up and bothered to scan some stuff in is because I got an angry email from one of you watcher-people. Someone I didn’t know. Not only was it weird, it was awesome. I mean, it was kind of validating, to know that people who aren’t obligated to look at my art actually do and (joy upon joys) want  more.

So among all that awesome/creeped-out feeling, I also felt a stab of, say it ain’t so, obligation to this blog. So here I come. I don’t think this is quite three weeks of work, but trust me, you don’t need to see any of the other things I was working on over break.

Oh yeah. New term at school, so there are two blogs attached to this one for two of my classes. One of them might not have to be used and might (please oh please) get deleted this weekend. The other one is going to have art, and if ya’ll are really lucky, I’ll do different art on each one and link you. We’ll see how it plays out.

I Guess This Must be the Place

Oh thank god it’s finals week. Almost – almost! – done with this term and into two blessed weeks of freedom. I swear, it’s not so much the workload as the people I have to share it with that are draining my energy. I love these guys, they’re great at what they do, but they all get so dramatic about everything. And since they’re all ‘artists’ they’ve all got a ‘vision’ of how our projects should look, and those visions don’t even seem to overlap. Which of course leaves me to work my middle-managing magic.

Of course, it’s not real freedom these next two weeks, anyway. I have math classes two days a week at my other school and personal issues to attend to besides. But I’m starting to feel better (or maybe all this sun is getting to my head) and the depression is waning. I’m (probably, providing she finds the time) going to do a zombie photo shoot with my cousin, since she so greatly digs my zombie make up. If it happens, I’ll post some photos here.

And somehow in the midst of all this, I managed to come up with art for this week. (Okay, so I’m a few days late, but I don’t hear any of you clamoring for more posting).

A World with No More Night…

Oh lord, lookit all the colours. My head hurts like no one’s business, and I’m beyond tired. So never say I’m not dedicated to my art and this blog. Although, looking at my stats, I’m not exactly sure why I care – I get an average of five people each day. The same person looking repetitively for all I know.

Who ever you are, looking around my blog; thank you. I guess this is all for you. Enjoy my colourful post this week.

Helden sind tot und grausam das Lied

Been painting to distract myself, and to try and get a handle on things. My cat died, and I wasn’t even home when he went. I’m miserable with it, but I know I have to move on. It’s not my fault and I couldn’t have helped him.

I’m depressed anyway.

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