Never Was a Cornflake Girl…

Hello boys and girls. Surprised to see me again so soon? Me too.

I blame the SunnyD. I have been drinking a lot of it, and it makes me want to do things. Things I don’t even have to do. And since the unwraps my esteemed teammates left me to texture are so terrible I’m going to seek professional assistance in re-unwrapping the models, I figured, why not just give in to the urge and do a bit of sketching today. Instead of working up a murderous rage trying to texture those lovely buildings.

As some of you know, I’m working on a web comic (don’t worry, it hasn’t been posted anywhere yet) with a friend of mine. Today I present to you the hideous aberration of nature that serves as our antagonist and title character: the Conversationalist.

I have become somewhat fond of this vaguely creepy shade, but I really need to get better at drawing him if I’m going to draw him all over our comic.


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