Worry About You

Happy lateness, dear blog; are you glad to see me?

I have to say, being without a computer for a whole week is kind of shit. I’m proud to say there were no real withdraw symptoms, but I really was saddened by the lack of art I could create while on the road and away from computer editing.

And of course, when I get home I have all my classes to make up for – not fun, I have to say, since one of those classes is Modeling Three, i.e. the class in which I have to model a person. For the last time, I’m a 2D artist, and 3D doesn’t make any sense to me. Anyone who played either of my games from production two knows that. However, I really like the character I’m modeling for class. Once I get my turn around done and post my update blog, you can follow this link: http://game355.wordpress.com/ to This Is (not) My Forte, my modeling blog.

So, anyway, on to the art.


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