Life Will Have its Way

Little bitty update for you guys today. Sorry. Not that it rightly matters, but I realize I’m not holding up to my original bargain of daily updates and tons of sketches. This is because (and far be it from me to complain) life doesn’t give me a lot of time for sketching.

Now  I’m apparently getting some kind of illsick, so I don’t even feel like looking at a tablet much less putting for genuine effort. I think the illsick demon this time is just Stress; and it can bugger itself. I haven’t time for it.  I also have a sick and possibly dying cat at home, who’s illsick I can’t define. He’s old, I suppose, but not so old that I’m prepared to part with him as yet.

So, without more specifics, I’ve been busy. Three sketches a week seems fair while school is in session, and so that’s my promise from now on. Three sketches a week, scouts honor.


Never Was a Cornflake Girl…

Hello boys and girls. Surprised to see me again so soon? Me too.

I blame the SunnyD. I have been drinking a lot of it, and it makes me want to do things. Things I don’t even have to do. And since the unwraps my esteemed teammates left me to texture are so terrible I’m going to seek professional assistance in re-unwrapping the models, I figured, why not just give in to the urge and do a bit of sketching today. Instead of working up a murderous rage trying to texture those lovely buildings.

As some of you know, I’m working on a web comic (don’t worry, it hasn’t been posted anywhere yet) with a friend of mine. Today I present to you the hideous aberration of nature that serves as our antagonist and title character: the Conversationalist.

I have become somewhat fond of this vaguely creepy shade, but I really need to get better at drawing him if I’m going to draw him all over our comic.

I Can Taste the Bright Lights

Tired tired tired. Lets get right to business, shall we? All work stuff this time, no dicking around with personal, fun things. Havn’t talked to the Table-Top Creator, so… no more of that for now, either.

Oh, Yeah, This Again

Oh lord, what a week. I’m so glad people arn’t talking to me yet, since I’ve pretty much ignored this blog since my last post.

Okay, that’s a lie, I’ve logged in every day, but since no one responded, I pretty much didn’t fret over it. I mean, if no one know’s I’m hear, why give myself more stress, right? But I guess (since I obsessively check this blog) I must be hoping people DO find this blog. And so, here I am to update.

Most of the sketches are for a friend’s tabletop RPG sketchbook. The game sounds super cool, so i can’t wait for achance to actually play it.

There’s totally a reason it took me so long to post, I promise. You see there was this-

is that my phone? Ah, gotta go!

And On We Go…

This is an expiriment for me. My goal is to create five sketches every day of various things; accessory design, characters, hand and face details, the works. These will be uploaded here the next day, and at least twice a month I plan on uploading a complete painting or model.

For today, some old sketches and a painting to give an idea of what I can do (and to test my ability to load art here, heh.)

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