Worry About You

Happy lateness, dear blog; are you glad to see me?

I have to say, being without a computer for a whole week is kind of shit. I’m proud to say there were no real withdraw symptoms, but I really was saddened by the lack of art I could create while on the road and away from computer editing.

And of course, when I get home I have all my classes to make up for – not fun, I have to say, since one of those classes is Modeling Three, i.e. the class in which I have to model a person. For the last time, I’m a 2D artist, and 3D doesn’t make any sense to me. Anyone who played either of my games from production two knows that. However, I really like the character I’m modeling for class. Once I get my turn around done and post my update blog, you can follow this link: http://game355.wordpress.com/ to This Is (not) My Forte, my modeling blog.

So, anyway, on to the art.


And On We Go…

This is an expiriment for me. My goal is to create five sketches every day of various things; accessory design, characters, hand and face details, the works. These will be uploaded here the next day, and at least twice a month I plan on uploading a complete painting or model.

For today, some old sketches and a painting to give an idea of what I can do (and to test my ability to load art here, heh.)